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Wheatstone Adds Live Radio Broadcast Production with VoxPro5

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Planning to spend the day in the studio, messing with the audio editor? Right. But first, you need a 10-second sound bite from a two-minute phone-in, and you need to do it all during the next commercial break. We see the problem.

Full-blown audio recording and editing packages are great for whiling away the day in the production studio, but offer far too many options and are far too complex for those on-the-fly phoners and edits broadcasters do. By the time you’re ready to record, the moment’s long gone.


Or, as our Gary Snow likes to say, it’s like bringing a machine gun to a stick fight.

That’s why we added VoxPro digital audio editing to our Wheatstone product line. Actually, to be more precise, Wheatstone purchased Audion Labs, the maker of VoxPro, earlier this month.

We’ve always admired the company and the product. VoxPro is a staple in broadcast on-air studios because it can do all those important things a commodity editor can do, only faster. Broadcasters tell us over and over again that nothing beats the clock faster than VoxPro, which is a PC based software program with optional control surface that’s very intuitive to navigate.

We’ve long been a partner with Audion Labs, and in fact, VoxPro was one of the first products that we integrated into the WheatNet-IP audio network for online sharing, editing and archiving of audio files.

So while the VoxPro control panel will continue to sit side-by-side with our consoles in broadcast studios everywhere, we’re now adding it to the Wheatstone family of products along with all the support you’ve come to expect of a Wheatstone product.

Processing Tip from the Field

MikeEricksonTowerMan 300Mike Erickson reports in with this audio processing tip:

Clip restoration processors can make great additions to the production studio but we don’t recommend them for the air chain, where they can play tricks on otherwise great sounding audio. These algorithms seem to work on overly clipped audio but can be unpredictable on audio that doesn’t need to be restored.

Kim Komando’s New Studios @ Corner of IT and Radio

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We arrived at the corner of radio and IT the day before Kim Komando’s new studios went live. While Jim Hibbard (Studio Builders), the integrator on the project, showed us around, our Dee McVicker snapped a few photos. See all that green cabling? That’s carrying WheatNet-IP through Kim’s new studios in Phoenix, which are now feeding all things digital to more than 400 radio stations and TV affiliates. If you look close in one of these shots, you’ll see an Altair 8800a, a TRS-80, and a classic Indian head TV test card.

See Kim Komando Gallery

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